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The Apostle Paul was stranded on the island of Melita (Malta).

Unable to travel God revealed to him the ministry of blessed handkerchiefs and aprons. Read Acts 19 verses 11& 12.

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PLEASE endeavour to ALWAYS in all correspondence to put on your full name and full address including postcode..

 Postage is always appreciated, or even better a return stamped envelope.
(Big enough A5 - for example)

Prayer cloths:

"...We have sent out a great number over recent years, of sacred prayer cloths! "

We have many wonderful testimonies of healing. A doctor travelled to see us to obtain a prayer cloth to send to her relative in India who has breast cancer. Such faith in our Lord Jesus’ power and compassion.

We DO NOT provide prayer cloths by email request...

PLEASE note - when requiring a Prayer Cloth please write a short letter giving the name of the
person, (address details) so we can pray and send a personal prayer cloth. If asking from abroad please send a small donation, if possible, dollars or euros preferred, as bank charges are £20 approximately to administer cheques or drafts from abroad. So they are left uncashed or returned.

We DO NOT provide prayer cloths by email request...

We will pray for anyone who is sick who sends us an email and lift them up to Our Heavenly Father, asking for healing or a miracle, then most importantly giving thanks and praise to Jesus (Yeshua Messiah) that the answer is given.

During the past forty years we have mailed and sent thousands of blessed handkerchiefs to sick Christians world-wide. Numerous testimonies of Divine healing and deliverance have come to hand giving GLORY AND PRAISE TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The blessed prayer cloth is a point of contact but the healing power source is the risen Lord Jesus. We fast and pray and anoint each prayer cloth and send them to those who put their confidence and faith in Christ.

Some are healed instantly others progressively. Please send your testimonies with a photograph.

No charge is made but gifts are appreciated to cover costs and postage.

Please write to :-

Peter Scothern Ministries.

The address is on our contact page.

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