Rev. Peter Scothern has been ministering to the lost and suffering for over 50 years. He is internationally known, having visited many countries and nations. Countless lives have been transformed, Numerous incurables healed and the faith of multitudes inspired. Rev. Scothern has preached congregations numbering 75,000. He has ministered within: The Church of England, Baptist, Methodist, Brethren, Elim, Apostolic, Assemblies of God, Church of God. He has also preached in: Theatres, Civic Halls and Public Stadiums Worldwide.

The Ministry of Divine Healing and Deliverance through the power of Lord Jesus Christ is available to anyone who is prepared to trust him.

See how God has used Peter Scothern and read testimonies of people whose lives have been changed by this ministry.
The Prayer Cloth Ministry is effective in reaching the people who are normally unable to attend Peter's meetings, who need a touch from the Lord.
Peter has a prophetic ministry in which he shows how world events tie up with the return of Lord Jesus Christ.
Much of the early Christian Church history in the British Isles in the first few centuries AD is unknown to most people, but amazing details have now come to light.

A remarkable series of events has led to the discovery of the 'Holy Grail', the cup used by the Lord Jesus at the Last Supper, and has proved to be a blessing to many.

Other phenomena, such as the existence of UFO's is explained...

*Our friends @  having been filming & helping Peter Scothern Ministries since 2008! They have also provided some further research material & evidences covering this important area - especially at this TIME!

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* L.A Mazulli in particular is well respected Born-Again Christian Reseacher - and he
explains the TIMES we are living in detail.  

L.A. Marzulli: The Supernatural and the Alien Gospel
31 August 2015

: Visit - for UFO Updates 2008 - 2016 > Top right/ front page
Video/Foto clips :  http: / UFO / ALIEN /AREA 51 / FALLEN ANGELS etc.


*Further information is available in the form of Books, DVD's & Cd's!
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